Statistical Data Overview

The easy-way: simply install luci-app-statistics and configure: howto.
However, if you are bored, knock yourself out: dig deeper - instructions are below.

Executing some simple commands like iptables -nL -v -x -t filter, tc -s qdisc show dev pppoe-dsl or tc filter show dev pppoe-dsl will already output statistical data. Simple. But there are tools which collect such (and much more) data and parse it for storage or for other programs which draw pictures from the parsed data:

  • statistic.collectd is a daemon which monitors various system info through plugins and optionally outputs gathered data into *.rrd files (rrd is only one of several options, it can send over network or export *.csv files as well)
  • statistic.rrdcollect is a very simple data collector daemon which lets you define rules and patterns to extract numerical data from commands (like an iptables listing) or files (like /sys or /proc)
  • statistic.custom custom cronjobs which gather data and parse it and then call rrdupdate manually on existing *.rrd files
  • bwmon FIXME milk this article for the related content, leave stuff for testing current bandwidth there, move the rest

Now from this statistical data we could make some tools create pretty pictures:

NOTE: If you do not log exclusively your own traffic data, please mind data privacy protection laws to prevent you from going to jail or paying a fine. Usually it is alright to collect and display adequately anonymized data but nothing else without knowledge and consent of the persons concernd.

  • statistics.chart.public if you're happy with the charts and with LuCI but just want to make the charts public (no authentication)
  • webserver pick a webserver, install and configure it
  • chart.http make rrdTool place the PNG-files in a directory, then make ? tinker a html-page which the webserver can serve
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