Smartphone USB reverse tethering with OpenWrt

:!: The opposite direction is described in smartphone.usb.tethering

USB reverse tethering is used to connect your Smartphone over your OpenWrt-Router with the Internet. Follow:

  1. install usbnet:
    opkg install kmod-usb-net
  2. now connect your smartphone to the USB port of your OpenWrt device
  3. put your smartphone into USB reverse thethering mode
  4. when your smartphone is connected to the USB bus in USB reverse thethering mode, a USB hotplug event should be triggered on the OpenWrt device and a new network interface usbN (where N is a number starting from 0) should appear. You can then configure it like any other ethernet interface, e.g.
    ip a a dev usb0


    ifconfig usb0 inet up
  5. make dropbear serve on usb0, see dhcp

Please note: Some smartphone, like e.g. the “HTC Desire” product family do not support Linux and atm it is not possible to use the above procedure, which is very simple and strait forward to connect your HTC Desire via USB via Linux to the Internet. For other OSes there is a special software called HTC sync. Me thinks the simplest solution is to not buy these products.

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  • Last modified: 2018/04/25 14:04
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