Routing example: PBR

A typical configuration scenario that can be adapted for most common use cases:

opkg update
opkg install pbr luci-app-pbr
/etc/init.d/rpcd restart
uci set pbr.config.enabled="1"
uci set pbr.config.resolver_ipset="none"
uci set pbr.config.webui_show_ignore_target="1"
while uci -q delete pbr.@policy[0]; do :; done
uci add pbr policy
uci set pbr.@policy[-1].dest_addr=""
uci set pbr.@policy[-1].interface="ignore"
uci add pbr policy
uci set pbr.@policy[-1].src_addr=""
uci set pbr.@policy[-1].interface="vpn"
uci commit pbr
/etc/init.d/pbr restart
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  • Last modified: 2022/11/08 11:36
  • by vgaetera