How to use OpenWrt behind a Freebox with IPv6 delegation

For Freebox Crystal see How to use OpenWrt behind a Freebox Crystal with IPv6 bridge.

This HOWTO explains how to configure OpenWrt to:

  • Enable IPv6 on the Freebox.
  • Obtain IPv6 public network delegation in OpenWrt.
  • Filter IPv6 incoming traffic.

The Freebox is a popular Internet router delivered by French ISP Free to its customers.

The original post can be found on the forum.

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The Freebox is available only in France, therefore this documentation is written in French.
When/if we have more information about NextOp, we will publish a page in English. Feel free to contact us on the forum.

Update informations available at this page.

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  • Last modified: 2021/08/10 08:01
  • by tmomas