Watchcat - network watchdog utility

Install the packages watchcat and luci-app-watchcat.

Watchcat is a ping-watchdog utility that allows you to set up rules for when a ping to a particular host fails.

The following modes of operation are available

  • Ping Reboot: reboot the OpenWrt device if a ping to a specific host fails
  • Restart Interface: restart a network interface if a ping to a host over that interface fails
  • Periodic Reboot: reboot at a set period of time, such as every 24h.

mode - the mode this watchcat instance is in.

  • ping_reboot
  • restart_iface
  • periodic_reboot

period - the way this parameter is used depends on the mode watchcat is in:

  • Periodic Reboot: the interval of time at which to perform the reboot, such as every 24h
  • Ping Reboot: the longest interval of time without a successful ping before the rule is activated
  • Restart Interface: the longest interval of time without a successful ping before the rule is activated

Period examples

  • 10 seconds would be: 10 or 10s
  • 5 minutes would be: 5m
  • 1 hour would be: 1h
  • 1 week would be: 7d

pinghosts - In Ping Reboot and Restart Interface modes, the host(s) to ping/monitor

pingperiod - how often to ping

Ping Period examples

  • every 10 seconds would be: 10 or 10s
  • every 5 minutes would be: 5m
  • every 1 hour would be: 1h
  • every week would be: 7d

pingsize - the size of packet to use for pings.

Supported ping size values

  • small - 1 byte
  • windows - 32 bytes
  • standard - 56 bytes
  • big - 248 bytes
  • huge - 1492 bytes
  • jumbo - 9000 bytes

interface - the interface to ping via, and also, in Restart Interface mode the one to restart. If unset, it will use the default route's interface.

Interface examples

  • eth1
  • wwan0

forcedelay - in Ping Reboot and Periodic Reboot modes, the amount of time to try a graceful reboot before a sysreq reboot is activated as a fail safe.

mmifacename - name of a ModemManager interface to restart - if set it will restart the ModemManager service when that interface goes down.

Modem Manager Interface Name example

  • mobiledata

unlockbands - if set to 1 it will issue mmcli -m any –set-current-bands=any when the rule is activated

Possible unlockbands values

  • 0 - disabled (default)
  • 1 - enabled

Note restart_iface mode, interface, pingsize, mmifacename unlockbands parameters are available after commit:

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