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  1. OpenWrt有一個 套件管理系統.
  2. OpenWrt提供了一個軟體來源(Software repository),目前(2011-二月)大概有2000個套件,不,我没有寫錯,就是這麼多。
  3. 其他專案所提供的軟體來源
  4. opkg來管理安裝與移除。




遗留的'White Russian'套件包在 repository依然是可用的。


如何建立套件包 教你使用toolchain (Buildroot)建立OpenWrt的自訂套件包
crosscompile 一個簡單的範例程式

Third party packages

Third party packages are untested and unsupported by OpenWrt, and no warranties are made about their safety or usefulness. They could very well contain backdoors and such. So install only packages from sources, you trust! Please get support for third-party packages from the maintainers of those packages, not the OpenWrt developers.

Common sources for such packages include:

Usage of the OPKG package manager

opkg – Technical Reference. Below you see a very short outtake:

Command Description
opkg Print a list of all available commands and options
opkg update Download the current list of packages available
opkg list View the list of all packages in the current package list. Use with regular expressions
opkg list_installed View the list of installed packages
opkg install umurmur Install the package named umurmur, can also use a FQDN instead, e.g.
opkg install
opkg remove umurmur Remove the umurmur package
Option Option long Description
-V <level> –verbosity <level> Set verbosity level to <level>. 0 = errors only, 1 = normal messages (def), 2 = informative messages, 3 = debug, 4 = debug level 2
-d <dest_name> –dest <dest_name> Use <dest_name> as the the root directory for package installation, removal, upgrading. <dest_name> should be a defined dest name from the configuration file, (but can also be a directory name in a pinch).
-o <dir> –offline-root <dir> Use <dir> as the root directory for offline installation of packages.

External storage

opkg – Technical Reference: Installation Destinations
Mounting Filesystems for various ways to mount external storage

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