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  1. 关于Toolchain
  2. about it's installation OpenWrt Buildroot – Installation
  3. about it's usage OpenWrt Buildroot – Usage


Branch 最少. 最多.
Stable Source 1.5 GB 3.5 GB
Development ? 3.8 GB

可在Windows操作系统以及 AndLinux 还有(coLinux + Ubuntu)等操作系统下进行编译,已经有网友试过了的。见相关页面。

必须滴! of course. If you find any bugs, please use our ticket system or send a report to . You can send patches for the bugs as well.

/!\ 警告: Changes to the buildroot system or the associated


could break the compile process. Please do not submit bug reports against modified copies of buildroot. Thanks!

Creating Packages页。

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