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Wiki merge - Status and next steps


  • doc/ → merged
  • inbox/ → merged
  • media/ → merged
  • toh/ → merged, but devicepages need renovation

Next steps

  • Language namespaces differ from old to new wiki → merge old language namespaces into new ones
    • Comment
      pt-br pt not too much in there…
      zh-cn zh many pages
      zh-tw zh only few pages
  • merge doc/docs namespaces
    • which one to keep, doc or docs? → docs
    • which pages in doc/ are redundant (already present in docs/) and can be deleted, and which pages need to be kept/merged? → Alberto, WIP 18/02/2018
  • check devicepages for links to missing wiki pages
    • either import missing pages from oldwiki (→ let me know which, I'll do it, including page history)
    • or update the link to the respective page on Make sure to use internal links, i.e. without “
  • check devicepages with existing datatables for faulty filters (model names / versions may have changed slightly during/after the conversion from OpenWrt → LEDE wiki). Currently, several datatables show “Nothing found” → Adjust filters so that the correct data is displayed in the resulting datatable. Use, go through all 609 devices *yuck* with devicepages listed, and check if there are datatables present and if they show correct data for the device.
  • Playground to be cleaned up: What can be deleted, what is still needed?
  • Pages which use PAGEINDEX plugin → search and replace ~~PAGEINDEX=....~~ by …. (catlist or nspages)?
  • Supported devices: create sidebar for this namespace, showing more options?
    • Is my device supported?
    • Where to download firmware?
    • Which device to buy?
    • All ToH views
  • Infoboxes
    • Can infoboxes (currently based on usage of html) be created with just CSS? This would avoid having to use html in the first place → Done, infoboxes with just CSS (i.e. w/o html) implemented
    • If not possible via CSS → implement htmlokay plugin to restrict usage of html to authorized users → plugin is old and has issues (no easy and reliable setting of html rights possible 02/2018)
  • Inbox: Getting support → Is this ready to be moved out of inbox and to productive state? → email M. Kresin
  • Inbox: A lot of stuff accumulated over time.
    • Which pages matured enough to be moved to productive state?
    • Which pages are still WIP (mark them accordingly with an infobox)?
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