Voting 2023-02-27 - Switch 'master' to 'main' branch for repositories

Started by: Felix

More and more projects are switching their repositories to use the 'main' branch instead of the 'master' branch. This also includes many Linux upstream trees as well. Some trees are even removing their 'master' branches already.

I think this is becoming more and more mainstream and expected of projects, so we should do the same.

I would like to propose the following:

1. Change the git server side to automatically update the 'master' branch, whenever an update is pushed to 'main'. It's important to have a long transition period in order to avoid breaking downstream users' workflows.

2. Change the git server side to refuse a push to 'master' if 'main' exists. This avoid accidental branch divergence

3. Developers simply change their git configs to always push to 'main'

Once this change is well established, we can look into removing 'master', but we should definitely take our time with that.

Voting is open until 20. March 2023.

Members Yes No Neutral Absent
38 15 10 4 9
Adrian No
Alexander Yes
Christian L. Yes
Christian M. Neutral
Chuanhong No
Daniel Yes
David B. Neutral
David W. Yes
Felix Yes
Hans No
Hauke Yes
Imre No
Jo-Philipp No
John Yes
Jonas Yes
Luka Yes
Matthias Yes
Mirko Yes
Paul Yes
Piotr Neutral
Rafał No
Rich Yes
Rui Yes
Stijn No
Sungbo Neutral
Sander Yes
Ted No
Yousong No
Zoltan No
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