Voting 2022-02-28 - Use GitHub issues

Started by: Paul (aparcar)

As discussed during yesterdays meeting, we want to shut down and provide a static HTML dump only. Issues on GitHub would be enabled for the openwrt/openwrt repository.

A migration of existing issues is not planed, instead new issues should be created. The static HTML dump will no longer support searching, however search engines were found to be the entry to anyway.

Please vote:

[ ] Yes, please start using GitHub issues
[ ] No, please find another solution
37 20 4 7 6
Adrian yes
Alberto absent
Alexander no
Álvaro absent
Baptiste no
Christian neutral
Chuanhong yes
Daniel no
David neutral
David W. yes
Felix neutral
Florian neutral
Hans neutral
Hauke yes
Imre yes
Jo-Philipp yes
John yes
Jonas absent
Kevin absent
Koen yes
Luka yes
Mathias neutral
Matthias yes
Mirko neutral
Paul yes
Petr no
Piotr yes
Rafał absent
Rich yes
Rui yes
Steven absent
Stijn yes
Sungbo yes
Ted yes
Thomas yes
Yousong yes
Zoltan yes
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  • Last modified: 2022/02/09 10:17
  • by aparcar