Voting 2021-10-06 - New member: EO Sungbo

Started by: Adrian

I'd like to start a vote on giving commit access to EO Sungbo (aka
mans0n on GitHub).

He has contributed to various platforms and also relatively frequently
commented on and reviewed other people's PRs on GitHub.
After having a closer look, I found that within the last 2 years (and
also 3 years ;-)) he actually is the author with 2nd-most commits in
the core repo who is not a core member. (The submissions use the name
“Sungbo Eo”)

I've noticed him as somebody whose submissions have high quality and
who is interested in doing things properly, not just getting stuff in.
Actually, his reviews were already helping us quite a lot, since they
allowed me to merge stuff on platforms where there is not much
interest by any committer.
Our chat in preparation of this proposal has also shown me that he has
genuine interest in and ideas for the future of OpenWrt.

I'd thus be happy to have him on our team and think that he would be a
great help and addition to our project.

It would be nice if we could conclude this vote within the next two weeks.
36 20 16

Duration: 2021-10-06 - 2021-10-25

Participation (incl. Neutral): 56 %

+1 0 -1
votes 19 1 0
participating 95% 5% 0%
total 53% 3% 0%
Member Vote
Adrian Schmutzler +1
Alberto Bursi
Alexander Couzens
Álvaro Fernández Rojas +1
Baptiste Jonglez
Christian Lamparter +1
Chuanhong Guo +1
Daniel Golle +1
David Bauer 0
David Woodhouse +1
Felix Fietkau +1
Florian Fainelli
Hans Dedecker +1
Hauke Mehrtens +1
Imre Kaloz
Jo-Philipp Wich
John Crispin +1
Jonas Gorski
Kevin Darbyshire-Bryant +1
Koen Vandeputte
Luka Perkov +1
Mathias Kresin
Matthias Schiffer
Mirko Vogt
Paul Spooren +1
Petr Štetiar
Piotr Dymacz +1
Rafał Miłecki
Rich Brown +1
Rui Salvaterra +1
Steven Barth
Stijn Tintel +1
Ted Hess +1
Thomas Endt
Yousong Zhou +1
Zoltan Herpai
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  • by adrianschmutzler