Voting 2021-08-30 - Release OpenWrt 21.02.0 ASAP

Started by: richb-hanover

Proposed: We will release OpenWrt 21.02.0 in the current state. It has one known problem: hardware flow offloading may not work in certain cases. Disabling flow offloading provides a working device, possibly with decreased performance.

[ ] Yes
[ ] No (please explain why)
[ ] Abstain


  • I would be open to helpful amendments (setting a near-term date, exact git commit, etc.)
  • This vote will be held open only for 10 days. Please vote by Friday, 10 September 2021.

The vote is closed as of 3Sep2021. This page is a permanent record of the results. For simplicity of housekeeping, I collected votes via email, and updated a Google Doc to count the votes.

36 22 14

Vote closed: 3 Sep 2021

Member Yes No Abstain
TOTAL 18 0 4
Adrian Schmutzler x
Alberto Bursi x
Alexander Couzens x
Álvaro Fernández Rojas
Baptiste Jonglez
Christian Lamparter
Chuanhong Guo x
Daniel Golle x
David Bauer x
David Woodhouse x
Felix Fietkau x
Florian Fainelli
Hans Dedecker x
Hauke Mehrtens x
Imre Kaloz
Jo-Philipp Wich x
John Crispin x
Jonas Gorski
Kevin Darbyshire-Bryant x
Koen Vandeputte
Luka Perkov
Mathias Kresin x
Matthias Schiffer
Mirko Vogt
Paul Spooren x
Petr Štetiar
Piotr Dymacz x
Rafał Miłecki
Rich Brown x
Rui Salvaterra x
Steven Barth
Stijn Tintel x
Ted Hess x
Thomas Endt x
Yousong Zhou x
Zoltan Herpai
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  • by richb-hanover