Voting 2021-07-21 - New member: Rui Salvaterra

Started by: Daniel

I think we should give commit access to Rui Salvaterra.
He has contributed a lot of very clean patches in the past year, demonstrated great knowledge of OpenWrt, networking hard- and software, and UNIX in general. I strongly believe that he will deal responsibly with the priviledge of having write access to our repository and together we'll be able to make OpenWrt even better :)
35 22 13

Participation: 62.8%

+1 0 -1
votes 20 2 0
participating 90.9% 9.1% 0.0%
total 57.1% 5.7% 0.0%
Member Vote
Adrian Schmutzler +1
Alberto Bursi
Alexander Couzens 0
Álvaro Fernández Rojas
Baptiste Jonglez +1
Christian Lamparter +1
Chuanhong Guo +1
Daniel Golle +1
David Bauer +1
David Woodhouse +1
Felix Fietkau +1
Florian Fainelli
Hans Dedecker +1
Hauke Mehrtens +1
Imre Kaloz
Jo-Philipp Wich
John Crispin +1
Jonas Gorski
Kevin Darbyshire-Bryant +1
Koen Vandeputte
Luka Perkov 0
Mathias Kresin
Matthias Schiffer +1
Mirko Vogt
Paul Spooren +1
Petr Štetiar +1
Piotr Dymacz +1
Rafał Miłecki
Rich Brown +1
Steven Barth
Stijn Tintel +1
Ted Hess +1
Thomas Endt
Yousong Zhou +1
Zoltan Herpai
Total 20
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