Voting 2021-02-28 - OpenWrt Job Board

Started by: Paul

Hi all, if you're a core developer, please participate in this vote.

Context and initial mail thread here:

tl;dr: People want a way to connect people developing around OpenWrt with companies using OpenWrt. A “job offer” mailing list or a list of job seeking developers could be created, or nothing. A vote was requested during the last OpenWrt core developer meeting due to different opinions.

Vote: Should OpenWrt offer a way to connect developers and companies?

  • [a]: Yes, a moderated mailing list should be created where job seeking developers (and everyone else) can subscribe and companies post job offerings. All further contact happens between developer and company. The OpenWrt project does not endorse anyone on the list and does not handle any part of the communication after posting the offer.
  • [b]: Yes, a moderated list of job seeking developers should be created on allowing developers with a TBD qualification, e.g. 20 commits to openwrt.git, to shortly describe themselves plus a contact address. The OpenWrt project does not endorse anyone on the list beyond the TBD base qualification to be on the list. The OpenWrt project is at no point part of the conversation or contract.
  • [c]: No, there are sufficient other possibilities to find OpenWrt related jobs and “this can of worms should not be opened”[1].
  • [d]: Neutral

Please vote now. If you don't care please respond with neutral so I don't ping you over the next weeks.

The vote is open for three weeks, March 20, 2021.

If either [a] or [b] receives a majority of votes, we will evaluate with the SF any legal concerns, this could still cause a hard no for a job board.

As discussed in #openwrt-adm I could initially moderate either mailing list or developer list but also leave this happily to any other core developer.

Sunshine, Paul

[1]: quote on this topic from some developer, lost source

35 21 14
Member A B C D
Adrian x
Baptiste x
Christian x
Chuanhong x
Daniel x
David W. x
Felix x
Hans x
Imre x
Jo-Philipp x
John x
Kevin x
Matthias x
Paul x
Petr x
Piotr x
Rich x
Stijn x
Ted x
Yousong x
Zoltan x
Total 0 0 17 4
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