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About [yeti]...

[yeti] (aka [drawkula] on freenode) is mostly harmless…


$ finger yeti | tail -1
No Plan.


Mesh The Planet!


Currently my main target is getting 802.11s into my brain.

  • Build a closed private mesh at home.
  • Currently using only targeting OpenWrt/LEDE. Later the radius shall be extended to include at least De(bi|vu)an systems too.
  • Find some dirt cheap hardware helping to get neighbours connected. E.g. a USB dongle sized system bridging/routing the mesh by USB networking or USB serial PPP to a user's PC.
  • Find some peers to experiment with two flavours of an open mesh:
    • A pure local city mesh without internet. Think of it as the IP variant of CB communication.
    • A mesh to distribute the internet.




Notes To other Pages


* How are discussion pages “emulated” in this wiki?
As long as I don't see how or by which protocol discussions shall be coordinated, I'll keep my notes in this tabular to do list here.
docs:guide-user:imagebuilder#prerequisites Downloadable imagebuilders are only offered for 64bitish Linux systems.
Self compiled imagebuilders can run on other systems.

forum-like discussion pages can be added by writing


in the page. It is generally a better idea to use the LEDE forum instead, also for questions about how to use wiki formattingAlberto Bursi 2018/02/01 19:57

The End.


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