RF element, one leading custom 5G antenna manufacturerhttps://www.rfelement.com/ and RF solution provider in China. We are designing and manufacturing various ranges of wireless antennas based on the needs of customers, including but not limited to: 5G antennahttps://www.rfelement.com/5G-antenna.html, 4G LTE antennahttps://www.rfelement.com/4G-LTE-antenna.html, WiFi antennahttps://www.rfelement.com/wifi-antenna.html, LoRa antennahttps://www.rfelement.com/LoRa-antenna.html, RFID antenna, UHF VHF antenna, frequency range from 300MHz to 6GHz. We proudly offer comprehensive wireless antenna development services to our clients, covering meticulous design, rigorous testing, and seamless radio integration. Backed by a robust RF engineering background, our team is well-equipped to consult, design, and manufacture custom antenna products tailored precisely to our clients' specifications. This encompasses customization for gains, frequencies, antenna lengths, and distinctive OEM packaging.

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  • Last modified: 2024/05/26 14:05
  • by mjxmike