After a successful build, the freshly built image(s) can be found below the newly created <buildroot>/bin directory. The compiled files are additionally classified by the target platform and subtarget, so e.g. a generic firmware built for an ar71xx device will be located in <buildroot>/bin/targets/ar71xx/generic directory (and the package files are below <buildroot>/bin/packages/mips_24kc).

E.g. if your <buildroot> is ~/source, the binaries are in ~/source/bin/targets/ar71xx/generic and ~/source/bin/packages/mips_24kc.

Image file names follow a standard syntax which describe what they contain and some information about the circumstances in which they were built. The standard syntax for output image names is as follows:

openwrt-<build type>-[revision]-<architecture>-<platform>-<device model>-<filesystem {squashfs,initramfs,ext4,...}>-<image type {kernel,sysupgrade}>.<output type {bin,img,gz,...}>

An example output file may be:


Which can be broken down into the following segments:

  • Build Type: snapshot
  • Revision [optional]: r20784+1-ec8fb542ec (where r20784 is an SVN-style revision number, +1 means the branch is 1 commit ahead origin/<current branch or master if not on origin> and ec8fb542ec being the hash of the last commit in origin/master that you're ahead of)
  • Architecture: ramips
  • Platform: mt7621
  • Device Model: zbtlink_zbt-wg1602-v04-32m
  • Filesystem: squashfs
  • Image Type: sysupgrade
  • Output Type: .bin

The revision is a SVN-style revision number which is calculated as a simple counter of commits since commit ee53a240ac902dc83209008a2671e7fdcf55957a which is the reboot tag in OpenWRT's life. This revision number is merely used as an simple incrementing reference, useful when ordering commits.

See also: Directory structure

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