Unsupported: WiFi 5GHz

Pages in the unsupported: namespace are intended to deliver general information about an “unsupported” status. They should help users to better understand the reasons and the consequences of this “unsupported”.

Since these pages can be reached via a dataentries of very different devices, the descriptions should be of general nature, or cover all the different devices affected by this “unsupported”. They shall not describe any device specifics.

  1. What does it mean, “WiFi 5GHz unsupported”?
    • This means that the 5GHz WiFi will not work at all.
  2. What is the reason for the unsupported status?
    • no Open Source driver available for BCM63xx, MT7610EN, etc.
    • ...list other reasons/SoCs...
  3. What consequences does this have in regards to your expectations?
    • Expectation: Fully working 5GHz WiFi at UHS™1)
    • Reality: You can not use 5GHz at all.
  4. Will this status change over time? If yes, in what timeframe?
    • Nobody knows. It all depends on the availability of FOSS drivers. Expect timeframes of multiple months up to multiple years, or even never.
  5. What can you do now?
    • Easy / Short term: Get a device with different wifi chip / SoC which is fully supported by OpenWrt
    • Hard / Long term: Get on the nerves of the wifi chip / SoC manufacturer...
  6. Where can you find more information about current support status?
BrandModelVersionSupported current relUnsupported FunctionsWLAN driverDevice PageForum searchGit searchDevice Techdata
ASUSGT-AC530022.03.5WiFi 2.4GHz, WiFi 5GHzunknownView/Edit data
ASUSRT-AC53U22.03.5WiFi 2.4GHz, WiFi 5GHzb43View/Edit data
ASUSRT-AC56R22.03.5WiFi 2.4GHz partly, WiFi 5GHzb43rt-ac56uView/Edit data
ASUSRT-AC56U22.03.5WiFi 2.4GHz partly, WiFi 5GHzb43rt-ac56uView/Edit data
ASUSRT-AC68Uv122.03.5WiFi 2.4GHz partly, WiFi 5GHzb43rt-ac68uView/Edit data
ASUSRT-AC87U22.03.5WiFi 2.4GHz partly, WiFi 5GHzb43rt-ac87uView/Edit data
ASUSRT-N5322.03.5WiFi 2.4GHz, WiFi 5GHzb43rt-n53View/Edit data
ASUSRT-N66UB1, B222.03.5WiFi 2.4GHz partly, WiFi 5GHzb43rt-n66uView/Edit data
AztechDSL7002GRV(S)WiFi 2.4GHz partly, WiFi 5GHzb43dsl7002grv_sView/Edit data
BuffaloWXR-1900DHP22.03.5WiFi 2.4GHz partly, WiFi 5GHzb43View/Edit data
BuffaloWZR-900DHP21.02.6WiFi 2.4GHz partly, WiFi 5GHzb43View/Edit data
BuffaloWZR-1750DHP(D)22.03.5WiFi 2.4GHz partly, WiFi 5GHzb43wzr-1750dhpView/Edit data
D-LinkDIR-865LA1snapshotWiFi 5GHzb43dir-865l_a1View/Edit data
DovadoTiny AC22.03.4WiFi 5GHzmt76tiny_acView/Edit data
ELECOMWRC-1167GHBK2-S22.03.5WiFi 2.4GHz, WiFi 5GHzmt76View/Edit data
ELECOMWRC-1900GST22.03.5WiFi 2.4GHz, WiFi 5GHzunknownView/Edit data
ELECOMWRC-2533GST22.03.5WiFi 2.4GHz, WiFi 5GHzunknownView/Edit data
GL.iNetGL-MT75022.03.5WiFi 5GHzmt76gl-mt750View/Edit data
HnetHW-C10822.03.5WiFi 5GHzunknownView/Edit data
LinksysE2500v122.03.4WiFi 2.4GHz, WiFi 5GHzb43e2500_v1View/Edit data
LinksysE2500v222.03.5WiFi 2.4GHz, WiFi 5GHzb43View/Edit data
LinksysE2500v322.03.5WiFi 2.4GHz, WiFi 5GHzb43e2500_v3View/Edit data
LinksysE3200v122.03.4WiFi 2.4GHz, WiFi 5GHzb43e3200_v1View/Edit data
LinksysE4200v1.022.03.5WiFi 5GHzb43e4200_v1View/Edit data
NETGEARDGND4000WiFi 2.4GHz partly, WiFi 5GHzb43dgnd4000View/Edit data
NETGEARR6200v122.03.5LEDs, WiFi 5GHzb43, brcmsmacr6200_v1View/Edit data
NETGEARR625022.03.5WiFi 2.4GHz partly, WiFi 5GHzb43r6250View/Edit data
NETGEARR6300v122.03.5WiFi 2.4GHz partly, WiFi 5GHzb43r6300_v1View/Edit data
NETGEARR6300v222.03.5WiFi 2.4GHz partly, WiFi 5GHzb43r6300_v2View/Edit data
NETGEARR700022.03.5WiFi 2.4GHz partly, WiFi 5GHzb43r7000View/Edit data
NETGEARR7500v122.03.5WiFi 5GHzath10k-ctr7500View/Edit data
NETGEARWNDR3400v222.03.5WiFi 2.4GHz, WiFi 5GHzb43wndr3400View/Edit data
NETGEARWNDR3400v322.03.5USB, WiFi 2.4GHz, WiFi 5GHzb43wndr3400View/Edit data
NETGEARWNDR3700v322.03.5Failsafe mode, WiFi 2.4GHz partly, WiFi 5GHzb43wndr3700View/Edit data
NETGEARWNDR400022.03.5WiFi 2.4GHz partly, WiFi 5GHzb43wndr4000View/Edit data
PlanexMZK-EX750NP22.03.5WiFi 5GHzmt76View/Edit data
RadxaROCK Pi 4B21.02.5Bluetooth, Wifi 5GHzunknownView/Edit data
SagemF@ST2504nv.619.07.10DSL modem, WiFi 2.4GHz, WiFi 5GHzb43fast2504n_v.6View/Edit data
SercommSHG2500vfessnapshotDSL modem, fxs, wifi 2.4ghz, wifi 5ghzunknownvodafone_station_revolutionView/Edit data
T-Com / TelekomSpeedport W921VWiFi 2.4GHz, WiFi 5GHzunknownspw921vView/Edit data
TendaAC922.03.5WiFi 2.4GHz partly, WiFi 5GHzb43View/Edit data
TP-LinkArcher C5 AC1200v219.07.10WiFi 2.4GHz partly, WiFi 5GHzb43archer-c5-c7-wdr7500View/Edit data
TP-LinkArcher C7v1, v1.122.03.5WiFi 5GHzath10karcher_c7View/Edit data
TP-LinkArcher C9v119.07.10WiFi 2.4GHz partly, WiFi 5GHzb43archer-c9View/Edit data
TP-LinkArcher C60v122.03.5WiFi 5GHzath10karcher_c60_v2View/Edit data
TP-LinkArcher VR900vv1.0WiFi 2.4GHz partly, WiFi 5GHzb43archer_vr900v_1.0View/Edit data
TP-LinkTD-W8980v122.03.5WiFi 5GHzath9ktd-w8980_v1View/Edit data
TP-LinkTD-W998022.03.3WiFi 5GHzath9ktd-w9980View/Edit data
TP-LinkTL-MR3420v3snapshotWiFi 5GHzath10ktl-mr3420View/Edit data
UbiquitiUniFi AP ACWiFi 2.4GHz partly, WiFi 5GHzb43unifiacView/Edit data
ZyXELWAP680522.03.5WiFi 5GHzunknownwap6805View/Edit data

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