Unsupported: WiFi 2.4GHz partly

Pages in the unsupported: namespace are intended to deliver general information about an “unsupported” status. They should help users to better understand the reasons and the consequences of this “unsupported”.

Since these pages can be reached via a dataentries of very different devices, the descriptions should be of general nature, or cover all the different devices affected by this “unsupported”. They shall not describe any device specifics.

  1. What does it mean, “WiFi 2.4GHz partly unsupported”?
    • This means that the 2.4GHz will work to some degree, but with less performance than expected.
    • For devices based on b43 driver, generally means:
      • Supports 802.11g rates only
      • Can't handle multiple SSIDs. Means not suitable to add “Guest Network” (requires second SSID) or as WiFi Extender (requires second SSID to connect client)
  2. What is the reason for the unsupported status?
    • no Open Source driver available for BCM63xx
  3. What consequences does this have in regards to your expectations?
    • Expectation: Fully working 2.4GHz WiFi at UHS™1)
    • Reality: You can only use b/g at 54Mbit.
  4. Will this status change over time? If yes, in what timeframe?
    • No, hell freezes before that happens. | Yes, working on it, please wait 32 seconds. | Dunno, but I could make a wild guess if it's urgent. | ask the forum | ...
  5. What can you do now?
    • Easy / Short term: Get a device with different WiFi chip / SoC which is fully supported by OpenWrt
    • Medium / Short term: If the device has a detachable miniPCI/miniPCIe WiFi card, change it by a fully supported one.
    • Hard / Long term: Get on the nerves of the WiFi chip / SoC manufacturer…
  6. Where can you find more information about current support status?

Unbelievably High Speed
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