Unsupported: Possible to support

Pages in the unsupported: namespace are intended to deliver general information about an “unsupported” status. They should help users to better understand the reasons and the consequences of this “unsupported”.

Since these pages can be reached via a dataentries of very different devices, the descriptions should be of general nature, or cover all the different devices affected by this “unsupported”. They shall not describe any device specifics.

  1. What does it mean, “possible to support”?
    • This means that the device is not supported, but since the SoC is supported and sufficient flash/RAM available, in general it should be possible to get this device supported.
  2. What is the reason for the unsupported status?
    • nobody made an attempt yet to support this device
  3. What consequences does this have in regards to your expectations?
    • Expectation: Fully working device
    • Reality: This device is not supported.
  4. Will this status change over time? If yes, in what timeframe?
    • Dunno, but I could make a wild guess if it's urgent.
  5. What can you do now?
    • Easy / Short term: Get a device which is supported by OpenWrt.
    • Hard / Long term: Wait.
    • Hard / Long term: Help to get these devices supported.
  6. Where can you find more information about current support status?
BrandModelVersionSupported current relUnsupported FunctionsDevice PageForum searchGit searchDevice Techdata
ArcadyanVRV752DHW22 Vodafone EasyBox 903-Possible to supportvrv752dhw22View/Edit data
ASUSDSL-N12UB1Possible to supportdsl-n12uView/Edit data
BelkinF7D4302 (Play)1Possible to supportView/Edit data
BelkinF7D3301 (Share Max)1Possible to supportView/Edit data
BelkinF7D4301 (Play Max)1Possible to supportf7d4301View/Edit data
BelkinF7D4401 (Play)1Possible to supportf7d4401View/Edit data
BuffaloWLI-H4-D1300Possible to supportwzr-d1800hView/Edit data
BuffaloWZR-D1800HPossible to supportwzr-d1800hView/Edit data
CiscoWRVS4400Nv2.0Possible to supportwrvs4400n_v2View/Edit data
CiscoEPC3208GPossible to supportepc3208gView/Edit data
CiscoEPC3825Possible to supportepc3825View/Edit data
CiscoEPC3925Possible to supportepc3925View/Edit data
D-LinkDSL-2740BE1Possible to supportdsl-2740bView/Edit data
Dovado3GNPossible to support3g-6200nView/Edit data
EdimaxNS-1500N1.0APossible to supportns-1500nView/Edit data
LinksysEA61001.0Possible to supportView/Edit data
LinksysWVC54GCAPossible to supportwvc54gcaView/Edit data
LinksysWAG54GX2Possible to supportwag54gx2View/Edit data
LinksysWRH54G1.0Possible to supportwrh54gView/Edit data
NETGEARWNDR4500v1Possible to supportwndr4500View/Edit data
NETGEARMBRN3000Possible to supportmbrn3000View/Edit data
NETGEARVVG2000-1Possible to supportvvg2000-1View/Edit data
NETGEARWNR3500Uv1Possible to supportwnr3500lView/Edit data
SagemLivebox1.1Possible to supportliveboxView/Edit data
SagemLivebox2Possible to supportlivebox.2View/Edit data
SagemF@ST2764Possible to supportfast2764View/Edit data
SercommSHG1500VS2Possible to supportshg1500View/Edit data
SiemensGigaset 604 IL2.0Possible to supportgigaset604ilView/Edit data
T-Com / TelekomSpeedport W 723V Typ BPossible to supportspw723vtypbView/Edit data
ThomsonTG789VNPossible to supporttg789vnView/Edit data
TP-LinkArcher C8v1.0Possible to supportarcher-c8View/Edit data
ZlmnetMIFIF10NPossible to supportmifif10nView/Edit data
ZTEZXA10 F6602.0Possible to supportzxa10f660View/Edit data
ZyXELNBG4615v1Possible to supportnbg4615View/Edit data
ZyXELNBG4615v2Possible to supportnbg4615View/Edit data
ZyXELP-661HNU-F3Possible to supportp-661hnu-f3View/Edit data
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