Unsupported: LAN port LEDs

The LAN port LEDs may work partially or not at all, it could be only one LAN port LED not working or multiple LAN port LEDs not working.

Meaning you might not be able to see if the a cable is connected correctly, indication of data traffic (often in form of a blinking light) and/or what the network speed is of the cable connection (some routers might have a different LED colors for this purpose). The LED indication on routers depends on the brand and the model. Some routers might have more or less features than others regarding LED indication.

Having one or more LEDs not working does NOT mean the port(s) are not working (the network ports might just work fine!), this unsupported feature only indicates that a LAN port LED is not working. Again, the router might fully work without any network issues.

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  • Last modified: 2024/02/12 11:43
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