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The OpenWrt distributions provide several thousand packages to extend the functionality of your device.
The browseable package lists in this wiki will always show packages available in the latest update of the stable release.

Overview of all available packages grouped by type Package Index

Comprehensive and searchable package table Package Table

This is a CSV dump of the package database, updated daily.
Package DB CSV
You can import it in LibreOffice Calc, MS Excel or other programs to visualize the data.

After you have flashed the OpenWrt firmware to your device, you can install additional software packages via WebUI or CLI.

Logon using LuCI and manage packages via WebUI.

LuCI → System → Software

Search and install luci-app-* packages if you want to configure services via LuCI.

Logon using SSH and manage packages with Opkg.

Command Description
opkg update Pull a fresh list of available packages from the OpenWrt online software repositories
opkg list Display a list of available packages and their descriptions
opkg list | grep searchterm Filter the list by a search term in the package name or its description
opkg install packagename Install a package
opkg remove packagename Uninstall a previously installed package

Information that is no longer relevant to the current stable or snapshot version of OpenWrt. Package indexes and tables in this section are not updated anymore as the packages in legacy releases won't change.

Overview of all available packages grouped by type Package Index

Comprehensive and searchable package table Package Table

No formal index or table is available, see the Release Archive in the Package Repository download server page.

Third party packages are untested and unsupported by OpenWrt, and no warranties are made about their safety or usefulness.
They could very well contain backdoors and such.
So install only packages from sources you trust!
Please get support for third-party packages from the maintainers of those packages, not the OpenWrt developers.
Common sources for such packages include and NSLU2 optware for devices with external storage.

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