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These links takes you to the download directory of the current hardware, grouped by processor type of the devices.
OpenWrt/LEDE software has two distinct branches: a stable Release build that is suitable for production use, and a Development build that contains an ever-evolving set of enhancements.

Stable Release builds Development Snapshot builds
The Release builds have had significant testing. Use them for production, or for your home where your family will rely on a functioning router. More... Get the latest with a Development build. These contain the latest technology, but may not work well, or at all. Be prepared to supply bug reports, etc. More...

Go to to the Table of Hardware, to easily locate the latest official release firmware for your device hardware.

After you have installed the OpenWrt firmware to your device, you can install additional software packages on your OpenWrt/LEDE device.

OpenWrt ships with its own complete build system, you can download and compile your own firmware from source, adding advanced tweaks or modifications that can be done only on build time. OpenWrt build system produces reproducible builds with checksums and git versioning, all firmware you compile will be exactly the same until you change options or you update OpenWrt sources. Start here if you want to compile your own firmware.

OpenWrt provides convenient tools to integrate pre-built packages into a custom firmware image, striking a good balance between firmware customization and time/resources required. All packages integrated this way will be downloaded from the same online repositories used for updates, so the process will take minutes even on weak PCs. Start here if you want to assemble your own firmware.

If you just want to compile your program and create a custom package without compiling from source a whole firmware for all architectures you want to support, OpenWrt provides a convenient SDK package to do so. Start here if you want to create packages for your own software.

LEDE has a number of buildbot computers building firmware releases. If you are interested in the latest developer snapshot release build activities, you can find the Buildbot activity in the following links:

The master OpenWrt/LEDE source code repositories reside on the OpenWrt/LEDE Project git server:

The OpenWrt/LEDE Project keeps a mirror of the master repository on Github at:

The contents of the download server are available on several mirrors as well. Please refer to the list below for alternative locations.

Austria HTTP HTTPS - rsync:// by Kumi Systems e.U.
Brazil HTTP HTTPS - rsync:// by Universidade Federal do Paraná
Bulgaria HTTP HTTPS - rsync:// by SiteGround
Canada HTTP HTTPS - - Sponsored by The Free Mirror Project
France HTTP HTTPS - rsync:// Sponsored by
France HTTP HTTPS - rsync:// Sponsored by A-M-Vpl
France HTTP HTTPS - rsync:// Sponsored by
Netherlands HTTP - FTP rsync:// by the SNT, University of Twente
Romania HTTP - FTP rsync:// Sponsored by RCS&RDS
Singapore HTTP HTTPS FTP rsync:// by Andrew Yong
Switzerland HTTP HTTPS - - Sponsored by
Tor Onion Service HTTP - - - Sponsored by

Please use rsync:// to obtain a copy of the download repository.

Syncing the downloads share every 12 to 24 hours hours is ideal. Once a mirror has been set up, feel free to announce it at so that it can be published on this page.

The data volume of the snapshots is roughly 35GB, we expect it to grow by 30-40GB with each release. Due to current bandwidth constraints we kindly ask you to use something like rsync --bwlimit=8000 when initially pulling the data.

Download statistics

You can see a statistics for few last months. See “OpenWrt firmware image downloads” section and by link you can determine most popular router models.

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