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Thomson ST706 WL

Hardware type : Wireless VoIP DSL modem

Supported Versions

Version/Model S/N OpenWrt Version Supported Model Specific Notes
v? - - -


Hardware Highlights

CPU Ram Flash Network FXS USB Serial JTag
Broadcom BCM6348 16 MiB 4 MiB 2 1 No Yes ?

VINETIC-1CPE: Single channel codec and VoIP DSP, G.729, G.723.1, iLBC, LEC, T.38, RTP



OEM easy installation


OEM installation using the TFTP method


Upgrading OpenWrt


LuCI Web Upgrade Process


Terminal Upgrade Process



  • CPU : Broadcom BCM6348KPGB 240 OR 256 Mhz?
  • Wifi : Broadcom BCM4318KFBG
  • Ethernet : Broadcom BCM5241
  • ROM : Spansion S29GL032A90 (flash 32 Mbit, 8/16 bits)
  • RAM : Samsung K4S281632I-UC75 (SDRAM 128 Mbit, 16 bits, 133 Mhz)
  • VoIP : Infineon PEB 3331 HT V2.1 VINETIC® -1CPE


Opening the case

Note: This will void your warranty!

  • Remove 4 screws on the bottom of the case
  • Use a flat screwdriver to open the clips: 2 on each the side and 1 left of the button in the front.


VCC | GND | RxD | TxD


To be verified.

The JTAG port seems to be a using a MIPS EJTAG JTAG header pinout.

2 GND 4 GND 6 GND 8 GND 10 GND 12 Not Connected 14 VREF
1 nTRST 3 TDI 5 TDO 7 TMS 9 TCK 11 nSRST 13 DINT


Specific Configuration


The default network configuration is:

Name Type UL Interfaces
loop ip
ethif1 physical ethport1
ethif2 physical ethport2
wlif1 physical WLAN
ceoc dsl
bridge eth LocalNetwork
OBC bridge bridge
ethport1 bridge bridge
FXS physical
FXO physical
atm_Internet atm Internet_ppp
ethport2 bridge bridge
WLAN bridge bridge
Internet_ppp ppp Internet
Internet *ip
LocalNetwork ip

Switch Ports (for VLANs)

Failsafe mode

Called kernel mode by the Thomson firmware update software.

Boot into failsafe mode

Push the reset button and maintain, then plug the router power supply while keeping the reset button pushed until the green light becomes orange (not just red).

What to do in failsafe mode?

It overrides any existing password so you can change the firmware shipped with your password protected router.


  1. On/Off switch
  2. Reset button
  3. SpeedTouch button

Basic configuration

Defaul ST706WL address :

If you have login/pass locked Thomson ST706 WL and you can't access to WebGUI do next :

  1. Connect FT232RL USB Serial converter to Serial Port on board (J303)
  2. Hold Reset and SpeedTouch button for over 7 sec
  3. Hold SpeedTouch button to full load & prompting login & password
  4. Insert login : 'adsl' & password : <blank>
  5. Type : menu
  6. Create user → run service http → save configs → reboot system
  7. Connect to router WebGUI with new user account


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