T-Home Speedport W 303V

The T-Home Speedport W 303V is a IAD sold by T-Com with a ADSL2+ Annex B Modem, 11n Wifi and two FXS ports as well as a S0 bus connector.

There are 2 models of it, “Typ A” and “Typ B”, having completely different hardware. Click here for "Typ B".


Model OpenWrt Version Supported Model Specific Notes
Typ A not tested ? ?
Typ B trunk broadcom based

Note, that these two models are significantly different. You cannot use the same firmware image for both.

Typ A

SoC Infineon PSB 50702 E V1.3 DANUBE XWAY DANUBE + passive heatsink
target Lantiq
CPU MIPS 24KEc network processor 32-bit, 333 or 425 MHz
RAM Qimonde HYB25DC256160CE-6 32 MiB
Flash Macronix MX 29LV320CBTC-90G 4 MiB
Ethernet ICplus IP101A 10/100 Mbit/s
WLAN RaLink RT2860T a/b/g/n, 2 antennas, left & right
ISDN Infineon, UMEC ...
Serial Port yes details below
JTAG not found although present according to SoC description
USB not found although present according to SoC description
preinstalled firmware ARV7525PW1-B-LF-23 V1.06.000 U25 MAIN 2969
  • internal, onboard
  • 3.3V TTL
  • 2×5 solder points
5 4 3 2 1
o o o o o
10 9 8 7 6
  • 115200 bps 8N1
  • No flow control

as found by byteeater on ip-phone-forum.de

  • during normal boot: press space 3x, enter first four letters of the default interface password (see back of router)
  • with reset key held: press space 3x, enter password QT
  • holding reset + wlan during boot seems to run the brnboot recovery
    Area            Address      Length 
[0] Boot            0xB0000000     128K
[1] Configuration   0xB0020000     192K
[2] Image 0         0xB0050000    3712K
[3] Image 1         0xB0050000    3712K
[4] Boot Params     0xB03F0000      64K
[5] Flash Image     0xB0000000    4096K
bootloader brnboot
official firmware -
firmware encryption LZMA based obfuscation, cracked by Andi_84 on ip-phone-forum.de
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