The Sagem F@ST5359 (also named Sagemcom F@ST5359) is also distributed by KPN under the name of KPN Box 12. The case notes that it is manufactured by Sagemcom, but it is not labeled with any type number. It is a guess based on some googling.

SoC Ram Flash Network USB Serial JTag
Broadcom BCM63178

Other chips:

* Sransion ML04G200BH100, NAND storage

* SEC 107 BYMA K4B4G0846E, DRAM (2 ICs)

* Broadcom BCM43684KRFBG, 802.11ax IC

* BCM8303 KMLG, *seems* to be an ADSL transceiver chip

Support for this SoC is upstream in the Linux kernel, see here. Upstream support in U-boot was discussed here but it doesn't seem to be merged yet.

It draws 2.5A at most (usually ~0.4A in idle) at 12V. For the barrel jack connector, the outside is gnd and the middle is positive.

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