MikroTik LHG-HB platform

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The LHG-HB platform is the board design based on the Qualcomm Atheros QCA9533 used in various MikroTik wireless devices with 802.11b/g/n radio, 1x 10/100 Mbps Ethernet port, 16 MB SPI NOR flash and 64 MB RAM:

and possibly also (untested):

The LHG 2 (Light Head Grid) is a compact and light 802.11b/g/n outdoor wireless device with an integrated dual polarisation 18 dBi grid antenna and one 10/100 Mbps Ethernet port for point to point links or for use as a CPE.

MikroTik LHG 2 (RBLHG-2nD) front view MikroTik LHG 2 (RBLHG-2nD) bottom view MikroTik LHG 2 (RBLHG-2nD) rear view

The SXTsq Lite2 is a compact and lightweight 802.11b/g/n outdoor wireless device with an integrated 10 dBi antenna for point-to-point links or as a CPE unit, compact, weatherproof and easy to mount.

MikroTik SXTsq Lite 2 (RBSXTsq2nD) front view MikroTik SXTsq Lite 2 (RBSXTsq2nD) rear view MikroTik SXTsq Lite 2 (RBSXTsq2nD) side view

NB: The SXTsq Lite2 is the exact same hardware has the LHG 2, with a different case and antenna: it can run the LHG 2nD image just fine.

None at this time.

Basic configuration After flashing, proceed with this.
Set up your Internet connection, configure wireless, configure USB port, etc.

The default network configuration is:

Interface Name Description Default configuration
br-lan LAN & WiFi
wlan0 WiFi Disabled

The MikroTik LHG-HB platform has the following buttons:

Reset reset

Note: the reset button shares GPIO 16 with the disabled rssihigh LED. To avoid conflicting behaviour, only the button is registered.

The hardware.button page contains information on howto use and configure the hardware button(s). Here, we merely name the buttons, so we can use them in the above Howto.

N/A (OEM bootlog is disabled).


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