Cisco Linksys WVC54GCA

Wired & Wireless IP Camera, same hardware as Sitecom WL-404 v1

CPU Ram Flash Network USB Serial JTag
Geode G1@?MHz 32MiB 4MiB 1 x FastE No ? ?
Architecture x86-32 Geode
Vendor NSC, now AMD
Bootloader ?
System-On-Chip AMD Geode SC1100
CPU Speed unknown, but between 200 and 300 MHz
Flash-Chip Macronix 29LV320C BTC-70G
Flash size 4 MiB
RAM 32 MiB SDRam
Wireless Railink RT2561 802.11b/g (mini pci)
Ethernet Davicom DM9102DEP
Serial ?
Audio Realtec ALC203



Note: This will void your warranty!

  • I have not managed to open the Cisco Linksys case myself for fear of destroying the camera. I did open the Sitecom case though. I assume the Sitecom and Linksys hardware is the same because my photo's look similar to [these photo's[]]. From the pictures it looks as though the Cisco variant omits the speaker out jack and the real time clock.

Main PCB

How to connect to Serial Port:

Anything else we haven't covered yet

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