Freecom FSG-3 GPIO Connections

from Freecom FSG-3

GPIO IXP Ball Function Connected to: Configured as:
GPIO[0] Y22 Input
GPIO[1] W21 Input
GPIO[2] AC26 Input
GPIO[3] AA24 Input
GPIO[4] AB26 Sync Button (0 = Pushed) Input
GPIO[5] Y25 PCI INTC (IRQ 22) Input
GPIO[6] V21 PCI INTA (IRQ 23) Input
GPIO[7] AA26 PCI INTB (IRQ 24) Input
GPIO[8] W23
GPIO[9] V22 Reset Button (0 = Pushed) Input
GPIO[10] Y26 Unplug Button (0 = Pushed) Input
GPIO[11] W25
GPIO[12] W26 I²C SDA RTC - SDA Input/Tristate
GPIO[13] V24 I²C SCL RTC - SCL Output
GPIO[14] U22 Input
GPIO[15] U25 Output

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