Cudy WR2100

The Cudy WR2100 is an 802.11ac 4×4:4 Gigabit MediaTek-based access point. It has five 1 Gbps Ethernet ports. It uses 4 external antennas for 5GHz of which 2 are also used for 2.4GHz.

It is reported that the 5GHz Wi-Fi is unstable and has low performance for NSS-1 clients.

  • WR2100

Cudy provides a version of OpenWrt 21.02.1 that can be downloaded here and upgraded using Cudy's web interface. After this upgrade you can use the normal OpenWrt methods to change the OpenWrt firmware.

Returning to the stock Cudy firmware from the OpenWrt installation is possible using TFTP, using this image. TFTP server should be configured with as IP address.

  1. Press the “Reset” button and hold it. Before the Cudy router is powered on and before TFTP start to download the firmware, don't release the “Reset” button.
  2. Power on the Cudy router.
  3. You can release the reset button only when the status LED flashes red and blue quickly, or when TFTP starts downloading firmware.

The following flash partitions were found using /proc/mtd:

dev size erasesize name
mtd0 00030000 00010000 u-boot
mtd1 00010000 00010000 u-boot-env
mtd2 00010000 00010000 factory
mtd3 00f80000 00010000 firmware
mtd4 00281614 00010000 kernel
mtd5 00cfe9ec 00010000 rootfs
mtd6 009a0000 00010000 rootfs_data
mtd7 00010000 00010000 debug
mtd8 00010000 00010000 backup
mtd9 00010000 00010000 bdinfo

R4 & R5 need to be shorted (0-100Ω) for the UART to work.

Use 115200 baud 8N1.

PCB Front:

PCB Back:

Backside label:

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