Belkin F7D1301

Also known as Belkin Basic N150 Wireless router (?)

CPU: Broadcom BCM5356 (BCM5356A1KFBG), MIPS, 300 MHz (?)
RAM: Winbond W9864G6IH-6, SDRAM, 8 MiB
Flash: 2 MiB (?)

Allegedly not supported by OpenWRT.

Here's how you can reset your configuration to factory state, eg. when it is stuck in an infinite-reboot loop after you tried setting your WiFi network name to something containing an unicode character. This assumes your web interface doesn't work. Be aware that the router might print your WiFi key to the console.

  • Step 1: Open case and remove PCB
  • Step 2: Find J102 (4 unused holes (closed with solder) in a row, one of them with square pad) - this is a serial port.
  • Step 3: Remove solder that is already there and solder a connector strip in the 4 holes.
  • Step 4: Connect serial port adapter to the connector pins (and to your laptop)
    • square pad is VCC (DON'T CONNECT, IT IS 3.3V NOT 5V, your serial port adapter will most certainly have 5V)
    • pin below is DATA OUT
    • pin below that is DATA IN
    • last pin is GND
  • Open serial console (115200 baud IIRC)
  • If you power up the router, the serial console should print stuff already. You can't interact with it however.
  • Unplug your router PCB again, press reset button and KEEP PRESSED while plugging in and during boot.
  • Now the boot process should stop somewhere and a console prompt appears.
  • with “help” you can list available commands
  • Don't hesistate to use the ERASE FLASH command, it lets you choose which parts to erase (3 for config only)
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