Aruba AP-303

The Aruba AP-303 is a 2×2 802.11ac Wave 2 access point. It is fairly powerful with a quad-core ARM processor and 512 MB of memory. The Aruba Instant On AP11 is a much cheaper version of this device and is based on the same platform, the OpenWrt firmware for Aruba AP-303 can also be flashed onto the Aruba Instant On AP11.

Generic Router

You will need a special console cable (see below in Section “Serial”) and an UART-Adapter:

  1. Get the OpenWrt initramfs image. Rename it to ipq40xx.ari and put it into the TFTP server root directory. Configure the TFTP server to be reachable at Connect the machine running the TFTP server to the ethernet port of the access point. In case, you connect your server via DHCP like your internet provider router, the exact setting of the IP is optional. You just have to know it and change it in step 3 accordingly.
  2. Connect to the serial console. Interrupt autobooting by pressing Enter when prompted. In case, you connected the AP-303 to your DHCP-Router enter the following first into the serial console to get the AP-303 IP-address>:
       $ dhcp
  3. Configure the bootargs and bootcmd for OpenWrt
       $ setenv bootargs_openwrt "setenv bootargs console=ttyMSM1,9600n8"
       $ setenv nandboot_openwrt "run bootargs_openwrt; ubi part aos1; ubi read 0x85000000 kernel; set fdt_high 0x87000000; bootm 0x85000000"
       # Substitute the following IP-addresses as mentioned Step 1 and 2, in case, you are using DHCP.
       $ setenv ramboot_openwrt "run bootargs_openwrt; setenv ipaddr; setenv serverip; netget; set fdt_high 0x87000000; bootm" 
       $ setenv bootcmd "run nandboot_openwrt"
       $ saveenv
  4. Load OpenWrt into RAM
    $ run ramboot_openwrt
  5. After OpenWrt booted, transfer the OpenWrt sysupgrade image to the /tmp folder on the device.
  6. Flash OpenWrt
    $ ubidetach -p /dev/mtd1
    $ ubiformat /dev/mtd1
    $ sysupgrade -n /tmp/openwrt-sysupgrade.bin

In case you are using DHCP, in the console of Openwrt change “option proto 'static'” to “option proto 'dhcp'” for the lan interface via

$ vi /etc/config/network
# Then reload and connect. 
$ service network reload

Basic configuration After flashing, proceed with this.
Set up your Internet connection, configure wireless, configure USB port, etc.

hardware.button on howto use and configure the hardware button(s). Here, we merely name the buttons, so we can use them in the above Howto.

The Aruba AP-303 has the following buttons:

Reset reset
Brand Aruba
Model AP-303
Device Type WiFi AP
Availability unknown 2019
Comments - general
OpenWrt Support
Supported Since Commit;a=commit;h=102c8c55f217606cdbdc9a449667e034676b3e75
Supported Since Release
Supported Current Release snapshot
Bootloader U-Boot
Target ipq40xx
CPU MHz 716
Flash MB 128NAND
RAM MB 512
Ethernet 100M ports -
Ethernet Gbit ports 1
Switch -
Modem -
Comments - network ports
WLAN 2.4GHz b/g/n
WLAN 5.0GHz a/n/ac
WLAN Hardware ¿
Detachable Antennas -
Comments - WLAN
USB ports -
SATA ports -
Serial Yes
Comments - USB & SATA ports
LED count 2
Button count 1
Power supply 12 VDC, PoE 802.3af
Forum Topic URL
WikiDevi URL
OEM device homepage URL
Firmware OEM Stock URL
Firmware OpenWrt Install URL
Firmware OpenWrt Upgrade URL
Edit the underlying data View/Edit data

Insert photo of front of the casing

Insert photo of back of the casing

Backside label:
Insert photo of backside label

Note: This will void your warranty!

Remove the 4 screwas on the back of the device. The metal casing can be lift up. The PCB is secured with a single screw in the middle of the PCB.

Main PCB:
Insert photo of PCB

port.serial general information about the serial port, serial port cable, etc.

To connect to the serial console, you can solder to the labled pads next to the USB port or use your Aruba supplied UART adapter.

Do NOT plug a standard USB cable into the Console labled USB-port! Aruba/HPE simply put UART on the micro-USB pins. You can solder (or luster clamp or bread-board) yourself an adapter cable by stripping an old Micro-USB-B-cable:

VCC - NC D+ - TX D- - RX GND - GND

The console setting in bootloader and OS is 9600 8N1. Voltage level is 3.3V. Cheap USB-UART Adapter have failed to work.

To enable a full list of commands in the U-Boot “help” command, execute the literal “diag” command.

None so far.



Space for additional notes, links to forum threads or other resources.

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