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3Com 3CRWER200-75

Now here is step by step installation of OpenWrt for experienced user. NOT for beginners.
This procedure it's similar to 3CRWER100-75 but the default IP address is different. this is step by step procedure, but in italian languages.


Supported Versions

Version/Model Launch Date S/N OpenWrt Version Supported Model Specific Notes
- - - trunk r28395 -

If you can confirm that OpenWrt is running on this device (i.e. you or someone else has tested it), please update the data accordingly. → Click View/Edit data

Hardware Highlights

CPU Ram Flash Network USB Serial JTag
Atheros 2315@180MHz 16MiB 4MiB 1 + 4 No Yes ?

Downloading files


Other SW


You are doing everything at your own risk! Nobody is responsible for what you are doing. Don't do it if you don't know what you are doing! Incomplete BETA version of text!

Operating system

  • Set your IP:
  • Mask:


  • Start server listening on:


  • Telnet to on port 9000 to get Redboot prompt


  • Verify config ( last point where you can stop the procedure )
fconfig -l

You have to set tftp server on ip

  • Clear flash
fis init
  • Agree with format
  • Download kernel from TFTP server
load -r -b %{FREEMEMLO} openwrt-atheros-vmlinux.lzma
  • Create partition for kernel
fis create -r 0x80041000 -e 0x80041000 vmlinux.bin.l7
  • Download RootFS from TFTP server
load -r -b %{FREEMEMLO} openwrt-atheros-root.squashfs
  • Check free space
fis free
  • Create partition for RootFS. Replace 0x2E0000 for number you get as difference between last number of free space and the first number. All in hex.
fis create -l 0x2E0000 rootfs
  • Verify partition table
fis list
  • Reboot into OpenWrt

Verify OpenWrt installation

  • Telnet to on standard port(23)
  • set password with passwd for enable ssh


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