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OpenWrt/LEDE project's TODO List

This page lists the current project wide todos. Items listed in random order without any prioritisation.

Project Reboot

  1. Announce feature freeze and start stabilising trunk
  2. Prepare LEDE #1 release ### LEDE 17.01.4 released


  1. Wiki [This is it here]
  2. New buildbots for release

Code base

  1. Review recent IPV6 changes
  2. Review and fix procd, netfid, firewall issues/quirks
  3. Bump all kernels to v4.4
  4. Review PPPoE support
  5. Convert ar71xx to devicetree
  6. Document core services (procd, netifd, …)
  7. Define rules for board support status Green, Orange, Red and start testing all supported boards


  1. Define the scope of the first release
  2. Define pre-release testing rules/guidelines
  3. Decide on new naming scheme - YY.MM + animal names have been proposed as an naming option (if possible make name of animal that are critically endangered to seek attention)

Buildbot Setup

  1. Rework buildbot setup to allow running more than one build in the same tree
  2. Rework buildbot setup to allow building release on the same setup
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