Kamikaze 8.09.2

The OpenWrt team would like to announce the release of Kamikaze 8.09.2

The official binaries, generated from the 8.09.2 svn tag, can be found here: http://downloads.openwrt.org/kamikaze/8.09.2/

This is the last update of the 8.09 release series, with the following notable changes:

  • pptp nat contracting removed on brcm-2.4, cause of dnat off-by-one port forwarding bug
  • added antenna gpio support for nanostation loco2
  • backported swconfig and IP-175C support for DIR-300 and similar atheros devices
  • added a combined atheros image format with sysupgrade support
  • fixed ethernet issues on fonera+
  • fixed wgt634u regresssion introduced in 8.09.1
  • disabled tcp ecn by default
  • improved sysupgrade reliability
  • added mtd support for fis table layout on redboot based systems
  • add support for creating VMware VMDK images for x86
  • fixed ipv6 interface setup on boot
  • numerous madwifi fixes
  • fixed ImageBuilder and SDK
  • fixed failsafe mode on fonera+ and fonera 2.0
  • fixed memory leaks in miniupnpd
  • fixed escaping issues in ddns-scripts
  • update X-Wrt to 8.09.2
  • update LuCI to v0.8.8
  • security fixes for openswan, tiff, libpng, kernel, curl, gnutls, openssl and dnsmasq

For a complete list of changes refer to https://dev.openwrt.org/milestone/Kamikaze%208.09.2

Note: The brcm47xx still won't work for those of you needing broadcom wifi, stick to brcm-2.4.
We will tell you when it does work.

Yours truly,
The release management team
Andy Boyett & Nicolas Thill

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