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Kamikaze 8.09.1

The OpenWrt team would like to announce the release of Kamikaze 8.09.1

The official binaries, generated from svn r16278, can be found here:

The source code repository URL is svn://
If necessary, updates will be committed at svn://
Packages were built from svn://

List of supported platforms:

  • AMCC Taishan
  • AMD Alchemy (MeshCube)
  • Atheros AR531x/231x based routers
  • Atmel AVR32
  • Broadcom 47xx based routers (Linux 2.4 and 2.6)
  • Infineon/ADMtek ADM5120
  • IXP42x/43x
  • MagicBox
  • MikroTik RouterBoard 532
  • RDC SoC
  • Texas Instruments AR7
  • User-Mode Linux (source only)
  • x86 based boards

List of notable changes since 8.09:

  • broken mac80211 drivers removed, updated versions will be available in next release
  • fix port forwarding NAT issues in brcm-2.4
  • use latest stable 2.6.25 & 2.6.26 linux kernels
  • include hostapd fixes
  • include madwifi updates & fixes
  • include sysupgrade enhancements & fixes
  • include udhcpc DHCP client enhancements
  • remove support for madwifi on 2.4
  • enable multicast routing by default
  • switch rb532 to 2.6.23
  • ADSL Annex-A firmware added to AR7 images
  • allow static routes without gateway in config
  • allow overriding of DNS servers assigned by DHCP
  • enable PXE-boot support in dnsmasq
  • add libnl-tiny & wprobe backported from trunk
  • include most ethernet drivers in x86 images
  • update LuCI to v0.8.7

For a complete list of changes refer to

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