LEDE 17.01 "Reboot"

The LEDE 17.01 release series is the latest supported stable release of the LEDE project before the LEDE/OpenWrt project merger.

LEDE 17.01 will receive a limited amount of support, service releases and package updates.

Current Old Stable Release - LEDE 17.01.6

The most recent version is LEDE 17.01.6, the Fifth service release of the LEDE 17.01 series.

The 17.01 release is signed by the following key:

LEDE 17.01 "Reboot" public GPG key

  • User ID: LEDE Release Builder lede-dev@lists.lede-project.org
  • Public Key: 0xD52BBB6B (4096 Bit RSA, created 2017-01-16, expires 2019-01-16)
  • Fingerprint: B09B E781 AE8A 0CD4 702F DCD3 833C 6010 D52B BB6B

Last change: 2017-01-20 10:06:22 +0100 | Download


LEDE 17.01 "Reboot" public usign key

  • Key-ID: 792d9d9b39f180dc
  • Key-Data: RWR5LZ2bOfGA3FGliZosEDhodiAKDOISmQs/mmjo4rhcbFtqkibJqMzo

Last change: 2017-01-20 09:59:11 +0100 | Download


Refer to Release Signing for instructions on how to validate downloads.

Below is a preliminary schedule for the evolution of the 17.01 release. The dates are subject to change.

  • Februrary 2019 - 17.01.7 service release
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