OpenWrt 15.05.1 "Chaos Calmer"

The OpenWrt Chaos Calmer release series is the latest supported stable release of the OpenWrt project before the LEDE/OpenWrt project merger.

Latest Chaos Calmer Release - OpenWrt 15.05.1

The most recent Chaos Calmer version is OpenWrt 15.05.1, the first service release of the OpenWrt 15.05 series.

The 15.05 release is signed by the following key:

Public OpenWrt Chaos Calmer signing key

User ID: Jo-Philipp Wich
Public Key: 0xBEA8F6E25378AAF8 (4096 Bit RSA, created 2016-03-01)
Fingerprint: CD32 2753 86BC 17CC 0E21 1C34 BEA8 F6E2 5378 AAF8
Signing Subkey: 0xC9B037C2 8775B24C (4096 Bit RSA, created 2016-03-01, expires 2018-03-01)
Fingerprint: A07E D873 F481 ACEC 44C7 98BF C9B0 37C2 8775 B24C


Public OpenWrt Chaos Calmer usign key

  • Key-ID: 53bad1233d4c98c5
  • Key-Data: RWRTutEjPUyYxcuFKuF19hS8WfHi09AkVhK33KMQPri/dFG9PhEzDtMH


Refer to Release Signing for instructions on how to validate downloads.

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