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Dataentry top note


  • IMPORTANT : Edit this page only via the LEFT edit button below the box
  • After editing, please enter a short summary of your edit:
    • Which field has been changed? (e.g. Ethernet 100M ports)
    • What have you done? (e.g. added / updated / deleted / …)
    • Why has it been changed? / What is your datasource? (acc. devicepage / wikidevi / forum …)
    • Example summary: Ethernet 100M ports updated according wikidevi
  • For adding new dropdown values, Contact an OpenWrt wiki admin (tmomas)
  • For conventions / allowed values, see below
  • For general usage help, see Dataentry template background
  • Searching for pure technical facts? See table below.
  • Searching for installation instructions, bootlogs, other info? See link to Device Page below.
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