Criteria for adding devices to the ToH

Only add a new dataentry if there is substantial hardware information available, together with some evidence of public interest or even better, some kind of OpenWrt support.

We already have enough unsupported devices, which only increase the noisefloor of the ToH. Please help keeping the ToH free from “i-wish-it-was-supported devices”, and only add a new dataentry if the following criteria are met:

  • Mandatory: Fundamental hardware information availableResources for technical information
    • Brand, Model, [version]
    • SoC/CPU model, CPU MHz, RAM MB, Flash MB
    • Flash must be ≥4MB; RAM must be ≥32MB (min. required for current OpenWrt)
    • If you don't have the mandatory hardware information: Do not add the device to the ToH.
  • Optional: Additional hardware information available
    • WLAN hardware (if present)
    • Switch hardware (if present)
    • Complete serial bootlog available (dmesg is only second best, but better than nothing)
    • Picture of PCB top/bottom side (may help with getting Platform/SoC, WLAN/Switch hardware, ...)
    • Picture of the case: Front-, backside, label incl. model and version/revision number.
    • wikidevi link available (with substantial information about the device, i.e. more than '?'!) → Good example
    • Devicepage available (with substantial information, i.e. more than just the raw template values!)

If you can neither demonstrate Alternative #1 nor Alternative #2: Do not add the device to the ToH.

  • Alternative 1: Interest available
    • Forum link available, preferrably with more than 1 posting and at least some basic hardware information.
    • Interested users (more than one, please) and/or interested developers
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  • Last modified: 2018/05/31 16:32
  • by tmomas