OpenWrt meeting February 2024


  • Hauke
  • Rafal
  • pepe2k
  • Rui
  • Daniel
  • Ansuel
  • jow
  • ynezz
  • lach1012
  • Paul

OpenWrt Summit at Battlemesh in May in Cyprus

Battlemesh announcement

Thanks to all who voted on the polls, we have decided the dates for the Battlemesh v16 and OpenWrt Summit joint event.

Date: 15-19 May 2024, 5 days (18-19 OpenWrt) Location: Kyrenia/Girne/Κερύνεια

The OpenWrt Summit will be held on 18-19 May 2024 (Sat-Sun).


Who would join?

  • Hauke
  • Daniel
  • pepe2k (60-70%?)

Who would like to help?

  • give a talk or workshop
  • get others to give a talk or workshop :-)
  • make a release? :D
  • jow suggest to make it more a social activity and not a real conference track
  • Daniel will help organize things and is in contact with Arınç and Marek

OpenWrt summit in Vienna or Eastern Europe

Some people from Vienna want to organize an OpenWrt summit in Eastern Europe. This is driven by Clemens, Albert, Paul and David from Vienna. Current plan would be September, October or November 2024. There is a Matrix chat, Hauke can invite you if you are interested.

  • Maybe shift out to spring 2025
  • It is easier to get there from EU, better option than Cyprus for some
  • Industry participation is fine, even when they promote their product

OpenWrt summit proposal from people from Berlin

No concrete planning yet. People around the Wireless community weekend wanted to do an OpenWrt summit instead. Maybe 2025.

OpenWrt talks

Daniel: maybe prepare a slide deck so that anyone could give a 20 years of OpenWrt talk at random conferences

Kernel version 6.1 or 6.6?

  • Kernel 6.1 migration not in good shape, probably needs 4 additional months.
  • Kernel 6.6 would move the release date out by at least 4 months.
  • 6.6. kernel size increase unknown, probably 5% to 10%
  • Not many new user space features yet, it should be fine it the next release gets delayed
  • Maybe drop mac80211 backports
    • will result in many extra kernel patches
  • The people working on this will decide
    • Someone should propose some code if the people involved want to use kernel 6.6.we will use it.

Other features?

  • Switch from OPKG to use APK (Alpine Package Keeper) (Daniel/Paul)
    • In 2 week POC release
    • Jow suggested to drop opkg directly and switch to .apk (without providing parallel support
    • to both opkg and apk, provide eventually a frozen repository for SNAPSHOPT opkg)
  • Update toolchain (GCC: 13, binutils: 2.42, ...)

OpenWrt release planned in 2 weeks

maybe add dropbear

EU Cyber Resilience Act (CRA)

  • Hauke do not want to be responsible for CRA compliance
  • BananaPi should be responsible for it but we need to make sure of that.

In theory OpenWrt already comply with part of the Act (security updates support..., autoupdate support is missing...)

  • Wiki moved to a new server
  • A sponsored server mirror-03 replaced mirror-0{1,2}
  • Fastly CDN for downloads
  • Paul is working on improving the wiki and other infrastructure

Code mirroring to Codeberg

  • Nice open source forge based on Gitea, could eventually replace if desired
  • Everyone is ok to add as mirror and disable issue and pr on Codeberg (only a plain mirror)
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