OpenWrt Meeting March 2023


  1. Paul
  2. Ansuel
  3. pepe2k
  4. Daniel
  5. Hauke
  6. lach1012

Next Release

Whats missing?
  1. 7 target to move to 5.15
    1. bcm53xx (rmilecki) (5.15 in testing)
    2. bcm4908 (rmilecki) (5.15 in testing)
    3. kirkwood (bump to 5.15 and see what happen in RC)
    4. lantiq (problems being discussed on github, hauke mentioned that)
    5. octeon (put it to source-only and wait for feedback)
    6. omap (bump to 5.15 and see what happen in RC)
    7. tegra (bump to 5.15 and see what happen in RC)
  2. Daniel will write request for testing/testers message in forum for kirkwood, omap and tegra

Last Vote (s/master/main/)

  1. We should list the service that may suffer from regression of the rename:
    1. buildbot
    2. github mirrors
    3. notify
    4. documentation/wiki
Technical Implementation
  1. on
    1. rename master to main
    2. create symlink master → main
    3. gitolite rule: pull only master branch
    4. add notification message to be displayed if master is accessed
  2. on
    1. rename master to main
  3. after one year (counting after release)
    1. remove master branch from
  4. buildbot?
  5. covertiy? (3rd party apps) (
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