Hauke, Paul, lynxis, lach1012, wigyori, Ansuel

Actions based on the last meeting

All projects from are now mirrored to GitHub. CI could now be added.

Good progress, now 25/39 targets updated, all other targets with 5.15 testing Kernel.

Now updated and on 3.0.8.

About to work again.

Extended until the end of this year with 10.000$

As discussed, it should be added via the buildbot instead.

Merged and now the defafault.

Topics for this meeting

Updates from FOSDEM?

Next release 23.XX (Hauke)

  • OMAP is still not ready for 5.15
  • RISCV will be included (
  • Update and link PR making 5.15 the default
  • lynxis can take a quick look on at91, kirkwood, (octeon, mpc85xx)
  • Paul opens PRs for all missing targets
  • Hauke will look into lantiq
  • Drop 5.10 patches for stable target on 5.15

Kernel 6.1 introduction (Ansuel)

  • 6.1 will be added after the 23.XX branch to give time to stabilize new default kernel.

New voting rules feedback? (Ansuel)

  • Ask old inactive people if they want to suspend their commit access (they can come back when they want) (lynxis should send some email?)
  • Still needs to be defined a new rules set
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