Meeting notes - 24th January 2023 virtual meeting

Participants: Hauke, Paul, lach1012, pepe2k, ynezz, Rafal, wigyori, lynxis, Daniel, Adrian

  1. Plan to branch off end of March, lets see how it will work. ;-)
    1. update the list in the ticket if there are problems
    2. Use CONFIG_TESTING_KERNEL=y to build testing kernel if 5.15 is not default.
    3. ramips: Make 5.15 default?
      1. - kernel panic on /sys/kernel/debug/ppe0/entries read fixed but several other issues reported in this PR, unclear if all are fixed
    4. ath25: 32MB of RAM = drop it?
      1. [ath25: add 5.15 testing kernel](
      2. if noone can test this target just drop it
      3. Paul will make it source-only and add it to the overview issue
  2. Toolchain upgrade: done
  3. OpenSSL 3.0 update?
    1. OpenSSL 1.1.1 is EoL 2023-09-11
    2. OpenSSL 3.0 is EoL 2026-09-07
    3. Hauke will send a mail and ask if someone is wokring on this
  4. The RISC-V target (sifiveu) should get merged
  5. mbedtls / wolfssl / openssl
    1. Maybe use hostapd + mbedtls as default instead of hostapd + wolfssl or make it depend on flash size
    2. Did someone do perfomance tests?
    3. Daniel will look into it and create a pull request
  • Event Date: [2023-05-08 Mon] to [2023-05-14 Sun]
  • Location: Barcelona
  • should have enought space to locate us in addition with ~10 people
  • maybe one or tow days before or after battlemesh
  • Daniel, Lynxis, Rafal, ynezz, pepe2k and Hauke are interested
  • ability to CI test and ideally merge contributions directly from the platform of choice
  • OpenWrt project mirrors on stopped working roughly a month ago
    • no compile/test/fuzz feedback on a bunch of C base core projects (libubox, uci, ubus etc.)
  • mirror all reposetories from to github
  • migrate CI stuff from gitlab to github
  • see what else we want to do later
  • people complained that ASU is also in their custom images where ASU does not work
  • remove it from the LucI dependencies and instead add it to release builds directly
  • How do we prevent security problems in ASU?
    • if someone has controll over the ASU server the attacker could create malicious images
      • have multiple servers and let the client request the image from multiple services
  • It is running on lynxis jenkins server
  • maybe migrate to github action
  • lynxis will share his jenkins script
  • ynezz is working on a github action for coverity
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