Meeting notes - 30th November 2022 virtual meeting

Participants: Paul, Hauke, Ansuel, pepe2k, ynezz, wigyori, svanheule, Rafal, Daniel, stintel, lynxis, zorun

  • consider adding a stale bot to flag issue stale for more than a year?
  • a too big number may put wrong ideas for new users about the project
  • on the other hand, auto-closing valid bugs without any developer feedback is demotivating, and it prevents other people from finding existing bugs
  • no consensus on auto-closing bugs
  • Ansuel/Paul/Lynxis will manually do some sorting of very old bugs (18.06-related)
  • we will look into using Github issue templates to better triage bug reports and ideally add automatic labeling (feature/bug/etc)

wolfssl vs. openssl vs. mbedtls

  • only part of wolfssl ABI is stable
  • only major versions releaes
  • package sizes:
    • wolfssl (~540KB)
    • openssl (~1000KB)
    • mbedtls (~240KB)
  • openssl 1.1.1 EoL in September 2023, we have to upgrade to openssl 3.0
  • mbedtls: no hostapd and TLS 1.3 support
  • ideas:
    • have openssl on targets with big flash (~128MB) and use mbedtls on devices with small flash
    • Maybe drop WPA3 and TLS support on small flash devices (~8MB)
    • Daniel want to look into this
  • GCC 11.x to 12.X
    • has some strange compiler warnings / errors with some packages
    • supports eBPF (and BTF which was previously missing), maybe allows us to drop LLVM
  • Create ticket to track GCC problem
  • binutils 2.37 to 2.39
  • Maybe have a release team?
  • If something is in the release process looks stuck ask in IRC, sometimes people are busy with other topics
  • We should mention that 23.XX will be the last release to support 8 MB flash devices
Does not look good

GitHub PRs: Patchwork:

  • lack of developers to review contributions
  • some pull requests are adding hardware but nobody has the hardware and the skills to build an image
  • We should improve our pull request handling
  • Maybe more automated checks
  • close abandoned pull requests
  • close pull requests that are not acceptable instead of ignoring them
  • be less strict about quality of PR adding new devices (e.g. not care about empty lines in DTS)
  • use the CI to build working images for PR adding new devices
  • SFC recommends to give up GitHub:
  • other reasons against GitHub given in mailinglist, i.e.
  • Adrian was initially against Gitea due to worse PR review workflow. Possible changed within the last two years. Should be evaluated again.
  • Stintel started experimenting with Codeberg CI (Woodpecker CI)
  • poll “Look more into Codeberg”: 7 in favour, 2 against, 3 no opinion
  • Idea from Daniel: look at Codeberg to replace Patchwork (to have CI for patches), but continue using Github (for now)
  • Result: OK to continue looking at Codeberg, but no big pool or announcement about it yet
  • make public our prebuilt tool container? (alternative to an hacked sdk?)
  • Stintel is working on it, will send an annoucement soonish

mvebu has completely broken switch/DSA/VLANs

  • With kernel 5.15 the problem is fixed
  • Turris is using kernel 5.15
  • make these devices source-only in the 22.03 branch, AND possibly remove existing download files for 22.03.X releases (to be discussed on mailing list)
  • only remove firmware files but leave packages for users.
  • ynezz will send a patch on the ML

We got offer for 2 systems for builds, either our m3.small or our older c2.medium type

  • some members have objections as well
  • ynezz will send a mail to the company and kindly reject the offer

Qarnot is a French company

  • their business is to provide bare metal servers for heavy compute tasks (they heat water with it)
  • they are using OpenWrt internally and are open to provide workers (in exchange for visibility)
  • exact technical setup TBD (Bare metal access, Docker, Buildbot integration) but should be feasible

no objection, zorun will send an email on openwrt-adm to see if other people object

There are currently multiple approaches to manage and control PoE on different devices and chips. Instead there should be a unified solution.

People are actually working on it, give it more time

  • Not many people voted to add RobiMarko as new member
  • Discussion about the existing rules
    • How to interpret “unreachable for 3 months”
    • Our rules specify votes are with “simple majority” (50% of people who vote, ignoring people that don’t vote), but in practice we apply “super majority” (50% of all people with voting rights)
    • For new members, if even 1 or 2 persons vote No, then we should probably take it into account and not accept the new member
    • Should we require disclosing the reasons for refusing a new member? Probably only internally among project members, not publicly, because it can harm the reputation of the person. Also it’s difficult to disclose personal reasons.
  • write a proposal for updates rules in a pad
    • Paul + Hauke will propose something
    • review by ansuel, stintel, pepe2k, wigyori, baptiste
  • later popose on mailing list for further discussions
  • in the end have a vote using old rules
  • Maybe for new members max 3 negative votes

Is it OK if OpenWrt developers to individually apply for funding at NLNet etc?

  • It’s fine if it’s clearly presented as an individual application and that the person is not endorsed by the OpenWrt project
  • Please share on the mailing list if an application is successful to have an overview of what projects are being worked on
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