Meeting notes - 17th March 2022 virtual meeting

Date: 17th March 2022

Participants: aparcar, blocktrron, hauke, NeoRaider, pepe2k, lynxis, lach1012, rsalvaterra, wigyori, ynezz, daniel, mkresin

OpenWrt Member Meeting 2022/03

  • Collect what's missing for the next release:
  • Branching on Sunday, 20. March (Hauke)
    • everyone was fine with this
  • RC1 date? (Hauke)
    • About 1 week after branching
  • buildbot setup (Hauke)
    • ynezz will setup build bot for the release, Paul will support
  • Branch name (Hauke)
    • Date of the final release not really known, branch date is known at branch time
    • ideas:
      • only use the year
      • keep 22.XX and change it at the release
    • We decided on 22.03 as the branch name and the final version number is 22.03.0
      • We do naming like before in 21.02 and 19.07
  • Work on GitHub: dnsmasq: update to 2.87test8+
  • dnsmasq 2.87 has nftables support instead of ipset
  • ldir does not have time to take care of this, currently not well supported
  • rsalvaterra will test it
  • What features are missing and what bugs are open?
    • multiport matches is missing
      • rsalvaterra will send a mail to the mailing list for help

Various topics to be discussed

  • GitHub related: (pepe2k)
    • Labels for GH issues (e.g. “not a bug”, “regression”, etc.)?
      • currently issues and pull requests share the labels
        • assigning “not a bug” to a pull request is not useful
      • we want to use labels for issues too, if more labels are needed for issues, they should be added to github
    • Should we do anything about the way Github treats pushes from our git server (commiter is “Jo”), which in case of using “fixes: ...” tags in commit description, results in something like: “@jow- closed this in openwrt/openwrt@aae7af4 24 days ago”, see:
      • Currently the issues are pushed by jow's account to github
      • Paul will replace it with the openwrt-bot github account

An RFC was created, please read the email blew

  • Not very common in network devices, could confuse users
  • Will be shifted to later
  • Do we already have a wiki page? Should we promote it better?
  • Example questions / tips:
    • Reviews of none committers also help and also if someone else tested it and this is documented.
    • What to do if the original author abandoned it?
  • We do not have such a page
  • We have a pull request template, but none for issues
    • github suggest to look at we could add such a file
  • We can put device support into separate repository
    • Yocto has the meta layers, but often the vendor meta layers are only compatible with a specific (old) Yocto version
  • Maybe ship own boot loader for all boards and drop the rest

Create pad with next agenda directly in the previous meeting

  • Should we vote in the forum to have more people follow the discussion? openwrt-adm is very limited reading the audience
  • We need a mail when there is a vote or anything else in the admin group in the forum.
  • There is a mock vote, Paul send a mail
  • Copy the results to the wiki to have redundancy
  • It should be transparent, everyone should be able to see how votes
  • often some people do not hear anyone from the start, reconnecting very often helps sometimes
  • Only happens in bigger meetings (more than 5 people)
  • Looks like it is a problem with this Jitsi
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