Meeting notes - 12th February 2021 virtual meeting

Participants: Adrian, lach1012, Hauke, THess, Felix, lynxis, pepe2k, Paul, mkresin, wigyori, ynezz, zorun, blocktrron, Rafał, dwmw2, daniel

  • Due to the recent breach in the forum we request all OpenWrt developers with access to core infrastructure to enable 2FA wherever possible. This includes every service where a password is used for login, SSH and GPG keys are considered secure.
  • Virtual OpenWrt meetings will now become a monthly event where all developers should participate.
  • A CDN is evaluated to serve for faster image and package downloads.
  • 19.07 EOL is in August 2021
  • 19.07.7 is planed for WN07 2021
  • Will branch on Monday 15th or Monday 22nd February 2021.
  • The following patches are added and evaluated, if no fixes are possible in time they are reverted before the release:
    • Update Busybox to 1.33.0
    • Add hostapd AX updates
    • Update mac80211 to 5.10
  • DSA support in LuCI is still missing but luci.git can be branched at a later point.
  • Full support until the next major verson is out
  • Security support for 6 additional month after the next release is out.
  • Multiple people requested a OpenWrt focused job board or mailing list to help connecting developers and companies using OpenWrt.
  • Multiple people raised concerns for such a board as OpenWrt as a project should not vouch for developers.
  • Two possible ideas for an implementation:
    • Option A: A moderated Wiki page with a table of long term contributors seeking OpenWrt related jobs. While only people with a certain credibility (years/number of contributions) are added to the list, the page clearly states that it's not meant as an endorsement.
    • Option B: A moderated mailing list is added where companies can post offers. Everyone can subscribe to the list however only job postings are allowed. Any contact between developer and company happens outside of the list.
    • A vote will decide about the options, possibly rejecting both.
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