Advanced xDSL tweaks [WIP]

LEDE/OpenWrt has a utility for xdsl lantiq chips called vdsl_cpe_control, unfortunately no documentation is available, one of the developers said that it is due to NDA (Non disclosure agreement) that lantiq enforces. So i will attempt to create unofficial documentation here on the wiki by looking up technical dsl documents and looking for comments in the source code, i am not a programmer and not an engineer either so bear with me i am trying my best ;)

FIXME :!: Warning i havent tested anything yet and this is still WIP so some information might be not correct and will be corrected later.

root@LEDE:/# /sbin/vdsl_cpe_control -h
DSL_CPE: Welcome to DSL CPI API control application
DSL_CPE: usage: [options]
DSL_CPE: following options are available:
DSL_CPE:  --help        (-h)    - help screen
DSL_CPE:  --version     (-v)    - display version
DSL_CPE:  --init        (-i)    - init device w/ <xtu> Bits seperated by underscore (e.g. -i05_01_04_00_04_01_00_00)
DSL_CPE:  --low_cfg     (-l)    - low level configuration file
DSL_CPE:  --console     (-c)    - start console
DSL_CPE:  --event_cnf   (-e)    - configure instance activation handling <enable/disable>[_mask] (e.g. -e1_1)
DSL_CPE:  --msg_dump    (-m)    - enable message dump
DSL_CPE:  --auto_scr_1  (-a)    - autoboot start script for ADSL (empty by default)
DSL_CPE:  --auto_scr_2  (-A)    - autoboot start script for VDSL (empty by default)
DSL_CPE:  --firmware1   (-f)    - firmware file, default /opt/lantiq/firmware/xcpe_hw.bin
DSL_CPE:  --notif       (-n)    - notification script name, default ./
DSL_CPE:  --tcpmsg      (-t)    - enable dbgtool, listen only on <ipaddr> (optional, e.g. -t0.0.0.0)
DSL_CPE:  --multimode   (-M)    - set multimode config -M<NextMode> (e.g. -M1)
DSL_CPE:  --tc-layer    (-T)    - config TC-Layer -T<TcA>:<TcCfgUsA>:<TcCfDsA>_<TcV>:<TcCfgUsV>:<TcCfDsV> (e.g. -T1:0x0:0x0_2:0x0:0x0)
DSL_CPE:  --sequence    (-S)    - set activation sequence -S<Sequence>_<Mode> (e.g. -S0_0)
DSL_CPE:  --remember    (-R)    - set remember config -R<Remember> (e.g. -R1)
DSL_CPE:  --debug_drv   (-g)    -
DSL_CPE:  --debug_app   (-G)    -
root@LEDE:~# /sbin/vdsl_cpe_control --console

   acog,          AutobootConfigOptionGet
   acos,          AutobootConfigOptionSet
   acs,           AutobootControlSet
   alf,           AutobootLoadFirmware
   asecg,         AutobootScriptExecuteConfigGet
   asecs,         AutobootScriptExecuteConfigSet
   asg,           AutobootStatusGet
   aufg,          AutobootUsedFirmwareGet
   alig,          AuxLineInventoryGet
   bpstg,         BandPlanSTatusGet
   bpsg,          BandPlanSupportGet
   dbgmdg,        DBG_ModuleDestinationGet
   dbgmds,        DBG_ModuleDestinationSet
   dbgmlg,        DBG_ModuleLevelGet
   dbgmls,        DBG_ModuleLevelSet
   dsmcg,         DSM_ConfigGet
   dsmcs,         DSM_ConfigSet
   dsmmcg,        DSM_MacConfigGet
   dsmmcs,        DSM_MacConfigSet
   dsmstatg,      DSM_STATisticsGet
   dsmsg,         DSM_StatusGet
   dsnrg,         DeltSNRGet
   dmms,          DeviceMessageModifySend
   dms,           DeviceMessageSend
   esmcg,         EventStatusMaskConfigGet
   esmcs,         EventStatusMaskConfigSet
   fddg,          FilterDetectionDataGet
   fdsg,          FirmwareDownloadStatusGet
   fpsg,          FramingParameterStatusGet
   g997amdpfcg,   G997_AlarmMaskDataPathFailuresConfigGet
   g997amdpfcs,   G997_AlarmMaskDataPathFailuresConfigSet
   g997amlfcg,    G997_AlarmMaskLineFailuresConfigGet
   g997amlfcs,    G997_AlarmMaskLineFailuresConfigSet
   g997ansg,      G997_AttainableNdrStatusGet
   g997bang,      G997_BitAllocationNscGet
   g997bansg,     G997_BitAllocationNscShortGet
   g997cdrtcg,    G997_ChannelDataRateThresholdConfigGet
   g997cdrtcs,    G997_ChannelDataRateThresholdConfigSet
   g997csg,       G997_ChannelStatusGet
   g997dpfsg,     G997_DataPathFailuresStatusGet
   g997dfr,       G997_DeltFreeResources
   g997dhling,    G997_DeltHLINGet
   g997dhlinsg,   G997_DeltHLINScaleGet
   g997dhlogg,    G997_DeltHLOGGet
   g997dqlng,     G997_DeltQLNGet
   g997dsnrg,     G997_DeltSNRGet
   g997fpsg,      G997_FramingParameterStatusGet
   g997gang,      G997_GainAllocationNscGet
   g997gansg,     G997_GainAllocationNscShortGet
   g997lstg,      G997_LastStateTransmittedGet
   g997lacg,      G997_LineActivateConfigGet
   g997lacs,      G997_LineActivateConfigSet
   g997lfsg,      G997_LineFailureStatusGet
   g997lisg,      G997_LineInitStatusGet
   g997lig,       G997_LineInventoryGet
   g997listrg,    G997_LineInventorySTRingGet
   g997lis,       G997_LineInventorySet
   g997lsg,       G997_LineStatusGet
   g997lspbg,     G997_LineStatusPerBandGet
   g997ltsg,      G997_LineTransmissionStatusGet
   g997lpmcg,     G997_LowPowerModeConfigGet
   g997lpmcs,     G997_LowPowerModeConfigSet
   g997pmsft,     G997_PowerManagementStateForcedTrigger
   g997pmsg,      G997_PowerManagementStatusGet
   g997racg,      G997_RateAdaptationConfigGet
   g997racs,      G997_RateAdaptationConfigSet
   g997rasg,      G997_RateAdaptationStatusGet
   g997sang,      G997_SnrAllocationNscGet
   g997sansg,     G997_SnrAllocationNscShortGet
   g997upbosg,    G997_UsPowerBackOffStatusGet
   g997xtusecg,   G997_XTUSystemEnablingConfigGet
   g997xtusecs,   G997_XTUSystemEnablingConfigSet
   g997xtusesg,   G997_XTUSystemEnablingStatusGet
   help,          Help
   hsdg,          HybridSelectionDataGet
   ics,           InstanceControlSet
   isg,           InstanceStatusGet
   lecg,          LastExceptionCodesGet
   lfcg,          LineFeatureConfigGet
   lfcs,          LineFeatureConfigSet
   lfsg,          LineFeatureStatusGet
   locg,          LineOptionsConfigGet
   locs,          LineOptionsConfigSet
   lsg,           LineStateGet
   llsg,          LoopLengthStatusGet
   llcg,          LowLevelConfigurationGet
   llcs,          LowLevelConfigurationSet
   meipocg,       MEI_PllOffsetConfigGet
   meipocs,       MEI_PllOffsetConfigSet
   nsecg,         NotificationScriptExecuteConfigGet
   nsecs,         NotificationScriptExecuteConfigSet
   osg,           OlrStatisticsGet
   pmcc15mg,      PM_ChannelCounters15MinGet
   pmcc1dg,       PM_ChannelCounters1DayGet
   pmccsg,        PM_ChannelCountersShowtimeGet
   pmcctg,        PM_ChannelCountersTotalGet
   pmcg,          PM_ConfigGet
   pmcs,          PM_ConfigSet
   pmdpc15mg,     PM_DataPathCounters15MinGet
   pmdpc1dg,      PM_DataPathCounters1DayGet
   pmdpcsg,       PM_DataPathCountersShowtimeGet
   pmdpctg,       PM_DataPathCountersTotalGet
   pmlesc15mg,    PM_LineEventShowtimeCounters15MinGet
   pmlesc1dg,     PM_LineEventShowtimeCounters1DayGet
   pmlescsg,      PM_LineEventShowtimeCountersShowtimeGet
   pmlesctg,      PM_LineEventShowtimeCountersTotalGet
   pmlic15mg,     PM_LineInitCounters15MinGet
   pmlic1dg,      PM_LineInitCounters1DayGet
   pmlicsg,       PM_LineInitCountersShowtimeGet
   pmlictg,       PM_LineInitCountersTotalGet
   pmlsc15mg,     PM_LineSecCounters15MinGet
   pmlsc1dg,      PM_LineSecCounters1DayGet
   pmlscsg,       PM_LineSecCountersShowtimeGet
   pmlsctg,       PM_LineSecCountersTotalGet
   pmr,           PM_Reset
   ptsg,          PilotTonesStatusGet
   quit,          Quit
   rccg,          RebootCriteriaConfigGet
   rccs,          RebootCriteriaConfigSet
   rusg,          ResourceUsageStatisticsGet
   se,            ScriptExecute
   sicg,          SystemInterfaceConfigGet
   sics,          SystemInterfaceConfigSet
   sisg,          SystemInterfaceStatusGet
   t1413xtuorg,   T1413_XTUO_RevisionGet
   t1413xtuovrg,  T1413_XTUO_VendorRevisionGet
   t1413xturrg,   T1413_XTUR_RevisionGet
   t1413xturvrg,  T1413_XTUR_VendorRevisionGet
   tcpmistart,    TCPMessageInterfaceSTART
   tcpmistop,     TCPMessageInterfaceSTOP
   tmcs,          TestModeControlSet
   tmsg,          TestModeStatusGet
   vpcg,          VdslProfileConfigGet
   vpcs,          VdslProfileConfigSet
   vig,           VersionInformationGet


In order to tweak the SNR use the “locs” cmd

locs 0 [value]

Note that the value doesn't need a decimal fraction “.” as the last number is the fraction example: 20 = 2dbm , 35 = 3.5dbm .

Then use “acs” cmd to force resynchronization

acs 2
Refrence sources
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