Archive of historical OpenWrt wiki

When the LEDE team spun out from the OpenWrt project in 2016, it created a clone of the OpenWrt wiki. The LEDE team began actively modifying and updating the LEDE wiki to match the state of the evolving software.

With the January 2018 merger of the OpenWrt and LEDE projects, we found ourselves with two copies of the wiki. The re-merged team admins agreed that the new LEDE wiki should become the official version, since it had received the most recent maintenance efforts. That site is now called the OpenWrt wiki and can be found at It focuses on the merged OpenWrt/LEDE builds: 17.01, 18.06, and newer.

Certain information regarding older releases (Backfire, Attitude Adjustment, Barrier Breaker, Chaos Calmer, Designated Driver), and regarding older hardware has been preserved in the (now read-only) wiki that was the original OpenWrt wiki. It can be found at, or using the redirect

We have de-emphasized its visibility to global search engines by prohibiting access to the robots.txt file. Readers are encouraged to use the old wiki's own search facility for information.

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