What is the difference between the different image formats?

  • a factory image is designed to replace the vendor's “stock” firmware. It matches the format of the file the vendor supplies. You usually use the vendor's Web GUI to install a factory image. Please mind that only approx. 30% of all supported devices do require the presence of a factory image. All other devices do not need this special factory image and are satisfied with a sysupgrade- or other image. See the respective devicepage for details regarding installation and which image to flash.
  • a sysupgrade image (previously named trx image) is designed to replace an OpenWrt image. Use a sysupgrade image to update an OpenWrt system with a newer OpenWrt image.

The two have the same content, but a factory image would have extra header information or whatever the platform needs. Generally speaking, the factory image is to be used with the OEM GUI or OEM flashing utilities to convert the device to OpenWrt. After that, use the sysupgrade images.

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  • Last modified: 2020/01/21 21:46
  • by tmomas